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Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United

Long Beach, MS

Date Accepted

March 17, 2017

Team Info

Ryan Bradley

Long Beach, MS

Team Quote

The Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United has a vested interest in reducing pollutants from in-stream and on-beach outfalls located across Mississippi’s waterfront beaches because the livelihoods of our fishing community are directly impacted from potentially contaminated discharge water exiting the beach outfalls and entering the Mississippi Sound. It is critically important to us that the coastal waters of the Mississippi Sound have the best water quality possible to ensure healthy and resilient habitats for all marine species found in our area as well as provide for the utmost possible consumer confidence in the seafood harvested from Mississippi’s coastal waters. MSCFU is committed to participating in the MDEQ Beach Outfalls Challenge with the hopes of spurring innovation that successfully reduces pollution from the various outfalls, increases the overall water quality of the Mississippi Sound, raises awareness of issues associated with beach outfalls, and influences the way these beach outfalls are managed and maintained. Ultimately, improved water quality in the Mississippi Sound will result in healthier fisheries that are vital to livelihood and sustainability of the fishing community that contributes greatly to the local heritage, culture and economy of the MS Gulf Coast!

Team Bios

The Mississippi Commercial Fisheries United is comprised of stakeholders representing the local commercial fishing industry. Team members include Ryan Bradley, Frank Parker, and Thao Vu. The team leader, Mr. Bradley, is from Long Beach, MS, and a fourth generation fisherman involved in the local shrimp, oyster, crab, and finfish fisheries. Mr. Parker, from Biloxi, MS, is a fourth generation fisherman, owner of the shrimp boat “Fair Maiden”, was crowned the 2016 Biloxi Blessing of the Fleet Shrimp King, and former employee with USM-GCRL. Mr. Bradley and Mr. Parker serve on the Board of the MS Commercial Fisheries United, a non-profit business alliance to help strengthen the local commercial fishing community and promote local seafood with roots dating back to 1974. Thao Vu, a long-time Biloxi resident, is the Director of the Mississippi Coalition for Vietnamese-American Fisher Folks & Families (MSCVAFF), a community-based, non-profit organization. Mrs. Vu has over eleven years’ experience in disaster response and recovery work, well versed in broad range of social and environmental needs, resources, and policies that define coastal disasters and community recovery. Mrs. Vu co-founded MSCVAFF, addressed language access needs, and engaged in advocacy policy work to address inequitable claims, ongoing issues of livelihood sustainability, and coastal restoration. Further, in 2013, she received the Environmental Protection Agency, Gulf Guardian Award.

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