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Jackson, MS

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Kelly Blake

Jackson, MS

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Human population growth is at an all-time high with communities concentrated along the productively rich estuarine areas found where freshwater from the land mixes with saline ocean waters. This increased demand for the coastal landscape and the fisheries bounty they produce present unique water management challenges. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is proof that those challenges are real and they threaten the future of Mississippi’s coastal estuaries and the critically important economic activities that depend on them. The MiSound Team represents the coastal communities that depend on the vast resources of the Mississippi Sound for their way of life and unique cultural heritage. Taking ownership for the quality of the Mississippi Sound has the profound effect of making it our responsibility as stewards to care for and maintain the ecosystem for future generations.

The MiSound Team is comprised of engineers, scientists, and planners that view water and water resources as a holistic system rather than unconnected networks divided by jurisdictional boundaries. We help communities manage water and protect their water resources for future generations, which is why the we entered the Challenge. We use natural processes and seek opportunities to provide added value with thoughtful planning, design and maintenance. Our proven solution addresses the need for improving water quality and beach aesthetics by eliminating beach discharge pipes or outfall channels in the beach or foreshore area.

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The MiSound Team (pronounced My-Sound) is comprised of primary firm Stantec Consulting Services Inc. (Stantec) supported by Erickson Consulting Engineers (ECE), two firms with strong backgrounds in coastal, civil, and environmental engineering.

Stantec’s approach to coastal planning and design is founded upon a clear understanding of the integral relationship between community, economy and the environment. Our solutions achieve project objectives, maximizing benefits through a balance of natural and developed infrastructure.

We restore functionality to coastal areas and enhance the overall resiliency and sustainability of coastal environments. Our engineers and scientists are experts in coastal flood risk vulnerability assessment and restoration, for both built and natural infrastructure. Our focus is to restore our coastal landscape, ecosystems and economies in a manner that enhance our communities and mitigate risk.

ECE’s coastal and marine engineering practice is centered on designing, permitting and constructing projects to protect and stabilize beaches, improve inlet channels and marina/harbor entrances and controlling flooding and stormwater discharge to counter the effects of storm driven energy. Low impact civil and coastal engineering designs are fundamental to the ECE Team, supporting efforts to elevate sustainability as a strategic priority through projects that minimize negative environmental and social impacts while emphasizing long term value.

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