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Ian Hunter Land Arch

Alexandria, VA


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Ian Hunter

Alexandria, VA

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I began studying Landscape Architecture because of a single thought: the way in which cities drain runoff into local waterways and coastal oceans can be improved.  With a background in marine science, and years of research experience in coastal water quality issues in California and Australia, I am acutely aware of the consequences of runoff pollution for marine ecosystems and the humans that rely on them, either directly for employment, or indirectly for tourism economies.  Now, as I get ready to graduate with my masters from Virginia Tech, I plan to bring my awareness of the aquatic environment into the professional world, and steward the sea by better designing the land.  The Beach Outfalls Challenge is an amazing opportunity for me to bring together the intersection of coastal water quality and urban design.  It’s a privilege to participate, and would be an honor to create positive change for the marine environment and everyone who is affected by it.

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With an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Virginia Tech, Ian Hunter brings an expertise and passion for coastal environments to the design of urban landscapes.  As an undergrad, Ian conducted multi-year research experiments in aquatic toxicology at various offshore locations and spearheaded the development of a guided ecotour program with the City of Santa Cruz and a local aquarium.  Following his degree, Ian continued his education in marine science, travelling extensively in Australia and working at the Melbourne Aquarium.  Ian currently works for the Alexandria based Landscape Architecture firm, Rhodeside & Harwell, where he focuses on the development of digital graphics as an outreach tool.   His graduate studies explore the intersection of ecological planning, water quality and outreach.

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