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Baton Rouge, LA


Date Accepted

March 29, 2017

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Steve Oivanki and David Compton

Baton Rouge, LA

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Stephen Oivanki has been studying and measuring the Mississippi Coast, including the artificial and natural sand beaches and their behavior, for many years. He still owns and maintains property on the Mississippi Coast, and is interested in maintaining and preserving those qualities that make the Mississippi Gulf Coast a special place. GSRC is a small, woman-owned business with 23 years of experience in environmental consulting for Federal, state, local, and private agencies and organizations throughout the U.S.

David Compton’s mission is to provide clients across the Gulf Coast region with project management, civil, structural, and environmental engineering services from conception to completion. Compton has assembled a highly skilled team using vast experience, technical knowledge, and common sense to yield practical cost-effective solutions with individualized attention and successful results. As a project manager, David will bring an array of qualified personnel with an extensive knowledge base and years of experience in the management of many types of projects. The team offers a host of critical information on the design and construction of water resource projects, especially along the Gulf of Mexico. The team also has extensive experience in marine facilities, environmental services, and drainage systems. Compton has a proven history of working with many Federal and state agencies, local governments, and private businesses with multiple funding sources.

 Team Bios

Stephen Oivanki is a Professional Geologist, registered in Mississippi and Louisiana.  He lived in Mississippi for 30 years prior to Hurricane Katrina. He formerly worked for MDEQ in the Office of Geology as manager of the coastal research section, and then for MDMR as Director of Coastal Ecology. He also formerly worked for Compton Engineering as manager of the Biloxi office prior to moving to Baton Rouge after Hurricane Katrina to work for GSRC. His main experience is in the geology and geomorphology of the coastal environment, and he has explored and studied the entire Mississippi Coast. He is knowledgeable of the emphasis placed on lowest-cost, best-value options for projects involving public funding, since his work with GSRC involves Federal and state project proposals based on lowest-cost, best-value requirements, and implementing those projects under fixed-cost contracts.

L. David Compton, a second-generation Compton Engineering executive, is a Professional Engineer, licensed in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, with over 30 years of direct experience in coastal issues. David is experienced in beach re-nourishment and coastal protection projects, as well as the design and construction of projects that protect our environment. He has worked on many projects designed to reduce pollution of our beaches and marshes. He is a hands-on principal with direct involvement in many of the services provided by the firm today.

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