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Anchor QEA

Ocean Springs, MS

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Renee Robertson, Leah Bray

Ocean Springs, MS

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As residents of the area, we appreciate the beauty and productivity of the Mississippi Sound. We have seen the ill effects of polluted stormwater on our coast, our tourists, and our children. We live, work, and play along the Sound and would like to contribute to making the Sound a healthy environment that is safe for marine life and the public.

As engineers and scientists, we are responsible for the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public. We are also stewards of the environment, working to create spaces that facilitate human access, interaction, and habitation while preserving the functional and aesthetic benefits of the natural environment. We believe that it is important to reduce pollutant runoff to the Sound in order to restore the health of the Sound and coastal habitats and protect coastal flora and fauna and human welfare.

Team Bios

Anchor QEA has expertise in designing stormwater facilities, including regional stormwater detention ponds and developing natural solutions (e.g., wetlands, rain gardens, bioswales, sand filters, and alternative stormwater filtration devices). We offer in-depth understanding of the regulatory framework and technical methodologies. Our design and engineering concepts are developed with informed creativity to manage stormwater safely and efficiently.

Renee Robertson, P.E., a civil engineer with 12 years of experience, designs waterfront and coastal stormwater projects, including stormwater management areas, drainage projects, and mitigation areas. She has designed stormwater projects for several coastal environments including drainage systems for the City of Jacksonville, FL and the FL Department of Transportation.

Leah Bray is a restoration ecologist and practitioner with more than 17 years of experience in designing and managing watershed and conservation improvement projects. She is executive director of the Southeast Watershed Forum, a non-profit dedicated to helping organizations and communities to better protect their land and water resources through watershed-friendly land practices.

Tony Hauser, a civil engineer and landscape architect, has 30 years of experience in stormwater design, specializing in low-impact development methods for stormwater control and treatment. His expertise includes water resources and the use of constructed wetlands for water quality improvement.

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