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Preparing your Design Submission

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

As the registration period comes to an end (registration closes at the end of THIS WEEK!), registered Beach Outfalls Challenge teams will begin to prepare their Design Submissions. Design Submissions must take into consideration all of the technical requirements laid out in the rules document.

As a reminder, competitors may submit an outfall design for either (1) in-stream or (2) on-beach applications, or they may submit in both categories. In the rules document, we have provided specifications for the size of pipes and culverts, average stream parameters, average annual temperatures and precipitation, average monthly temperatures and precipitation, and tidal data.

Additionally, the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website includes additional information about Beach Water Quality Data, a typical beach design template, and sources for precipitation data.

On-Beach Solutions

On-beach solutions may not interfere with the 50-ft clearance zone measured from the edge of the seawall towards the water. This clearance zone is mandatory for beach maintenance. A solution may be installed from the edge of the clearance zone to the point where the beach maintenance ends, which is approximately 180 feet. Additionally, solutions may extend a maximum of 180 feet into the Mississippi Sound. The solutions must also be contained within a maximum 100-foot buffer from either side of the pipe centerline. Lastly, as mentioned before in a previous blog post, solutions must be in compliance with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act and 33 USC 408, and they may not interfere with the integrity of the seawall, dune system, or the beach.

In-Stream Solutions

In-stream solutions may not extend beyond 30-ft of either side of the streambank, and they cannot exceed 100-meters in length. It is imperative that in-stream solutions demonstrate scalability since the streams along the Mississippi Gulf Coast vary in size. Like the on-beach solutions, in-stream solutions must be in compliance with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, and they should avoid and minimize impacts to wetlands and jurisdictional waters. Finally, in-stream solutions cannot restrict flow.

If you have any additional questions about the technical specifications outlined in the rules document, please email Registration closes on Friday, March 31, by 5p.m. CT and Design Submissions are due on Friday, April 14 by 5p.m. CT Learn more about the Beach Outfalls Challenge by visiting the ABOUT Page of our website. CLICK HERE to receive periodic updates about the Beach Outfalls Challenge. If you are interested in learning about our currently registered teams, please visit our TEAMS page.

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